Lisa Joli Art

Born and raised in landlocked Leicestershire, I am now, ironically, a passionate seascape artist.  I have always been creative and for the last ten years I have run a writing school and worked as a writer. However, after a difficult time recently whereupon several close family members suddenly passed away, I turned to painting as a way to recover my equilibrium and to express myself. I’d studied art at school and always enjoyed it, and it’s been an absolute joy to rediscover my love of painting over the last year. I am, aside from those school lessons, entirely self-taught.

My paintings are generally of various traditional seaside locations around the beautiful coastline of the UK. I endeavour to capture that sense of calm, timelessness and tranquility one feels on spending time by the sea. 

Capturing light is a big deal for me too; I love the brightness of a sunny summer’s day, the melancholy of a sunset, the drama of a sunrise, the clarity of afternoon light as it bounces off the water and the sand, the threat of an impending storm … hopefully these qualities are reflected in my paintings. 

I paint in my art shack at the bottom of my garden, a wooden summer house that resembles a beach hut. It’s my happy place where I can indulge my passion for painting. I paint because it makes me happy. Whenever I sell a painting, it’s a pleasure to think that my art is on other people’s walls bringing them a sense of calm and well-being through that wonderful seaside vibe.